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Ben Reel
Since his debut album `This Is The Movie' back in 1999, each album has gone from strength to strength, receiving critical acclaim from radio & press from around the world.
Ben's music has evolved into an honest earthy sound that has matured like a fine wine, drawing from the well of different styles of musical influence from rock, soul, blues, alt folk/Americana, country & reggae which fuses all these genres into a melting pot to create a great sound which has become his own .

In the past years he has had numerous high profile TV & Radio appearances and airplay under his belt including Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 and has supported names like Jools Holland, Alabama 3, The Cranberries and has collaborated musically with such names as Hal Ketchum, the legendary 'Blockheads', award winning saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and co wrote and performed with some of Nashville's finest, David Olney, John Hadley, Sergio Webb, Irene Kelley.
In 2011 Ben played a number of showcase gigs at Folk alliance in Memphis TN and in 2013 he toured in the U.S & UK with Tommy Womack (Nashville) as a duo & In 2014 his band toured as double bill with legendary American folk singer/songwriter Eric Andersen in the UK.
Over the last 10 years Ben has enjoyed successful tours in Ireland, UK, Europe & U.S.A, receiving rave reviews and attracting a growing loyal fan base. The band have graced big festivals such as Haarlem Jazz & Huntenpop in the Netherlands, , Robin Hood folk festival in Nottinghamshire UK, Kilkenny rhythm & roots, Cork jazz festival & Ireland's premiere music festival "Electric Picnic". A new album will be released in Spring 2018, which will be his 8th studio album, working title `Land Of Escape'.