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David Keenan

David Keenan is a 22 year old Songwriter who hails from the borderlands of Dundalk.

Words and Melody have always been my muse, the great escape.
I first discovered this love at a very early age when I was exposed to the great works of Behan and Yeats and Dylan and Cohen. The likes of Damien Dempsey and Jinx Lennon who changed my outlook as a teenager, educational music with that sense of identity that I hadn't heard before.

I spent time in England, headed for Liverpool and felt plugged into the switchboard of the place. Busking outside The Cavern Club with my eyes and ears constantly wide. In awe of both the people and the sounds of the City.

The first complete song I wrote was a tune at 15 called "El Paso".
At the time I think I was looking for this mystical place to call home or to return to.

In early 2015 I found myself going Viral on the Internet because of a live performance of the song in a local Taxi. A strange twist in the tale but one I look back on with a smile..
My connection with my hometown is a deep one, that old way of life I've seen through my Grandfathers eyes on long walks as a child or on late Nights at the fire.

Time in London came and went and I returned home with more stories to tell.

I've had the privilege of performing with the likes of The Frames, Hothouse Flowers, Mick Flannery and the man who set the example in those formative years, Damien Dempsey.

At a Gig I always try to get back into the same head space in which I was when the song was written so I can do it justice. That is the goal, to do the Song's justice.

My first release Is due for the Summer of 2016 with two singles available at present on iTunes and Music videos available on my YouTube Channel.

"The first time I heard David Keenan I knew he had something special.... a lyricism and musical wisdom that most artists can only dream of. David not only dreams of it, he does it for real. A gifted Singer-Songwriter who has pulled me right in, right where I want to be. It's a beautiful place"- Fiachna Ó Braonáin.

"One to note" - Tony Clayton-Lea

"David has it all, voice, guitar playing, lyrics, hes a master of all three. Instead of Patrick Kavanagh and Luke Kelly what springs to mind and life for me is Van the Man and Kavanagh with a lucious lilt, growing like a wildflower - sublime"
Damien Dempsey