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David Knight

David Knight is an exciting and gifted new artist on the Australian music scene.

Since age 11, David has been studying the guitar in all its forms. Now 24 and sitting somewhere between roots, folk and virtuoso, David has developed a unique style and method of performing with the instrument that is bound to see him become one of this country's finest and most respected guitarists.

He is already a regular performer on Foxtel's 'Guitar Gods and Masterpieces' program… He is the youngest artist to be featured on the show.

Turning professional while still in high school, David began booking his own extensive tours around Australia, often non-stop for 3 months.
These tours honed David's skills as an entertainer and as a result he gained a reputation among Australias guitar elite, performing with artists such as Lloyd Spiegel, Geoff Achison and Daniel Champagne.

Festival appearances include Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, The Apollo Bay Music Festival as well as a series of local festivals in Melbourne.

More recently David has turned his focus on expanding his performance outside of the guitar world.
While audiences and peers highlighted his percussive overhand guitar style, he was dissatisfied and determined to become more than a virtuoso guitarist. Removing himself from the touring circuit for almost 2 years in order to reinvent.
In 2017, Knight is ready to tour his new show that still maintains his high level of guitar skill but combined it with vocals and songwriting.

'David has the talent and attitude to no doubt see him become one of this country's leading guitar players.'
Lloyd Spiegel - Premier endorsee for Cole Clark guitars.

'The intricacy of what David is doing and his determination to push the acoustic guitar into new regions is really admirable. Very proud to have the future of the Australian guitar world in such good hands.'
Kim Churchill - Singer/Songwriter

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