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Jinx Lennon

Jinx Lennon punk poet aka guitar+magic wand wielder extraordinaire brings you the album launch for GROW A PAIR !!! introducing you all to the border cosmic schizo folk sound.When a bit of struggle happens it cuts through the crap and all you're left with is a couple of guitars,a bass drum ,and some delay immersed caveman grunts to entice the smoking section.A return to proper singalong folk from the borderlands with it's own raw shape where roads that look like capillaries lead you into the unknown and concrete jungles bring forth 50 000 psychedelic tales of destiny and dread.Songs that speak about modern life but could have been written 100 years ago that encourage you all to push back against the fear mentality and GROW A PAIR!!!..Proudly brought to you by Septic Tiger Records
Special guests the Woodie Guthrie of Belfast Acoustic Dan and vitriolic electro punk from Limerick Post Punk Podge and the Technohippies