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Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom is regarded as one of Ireland's most respected contemporary folk artists, having produced over 20 albums since the 1970s, he continues to push the boundaries of what his music can do. Born into a very musical family, Luka (62) is the youngest of six and grew up in Newbridge, Co Kildare. He was just 18 months old when his father died, leaving his mother nancy to raise six children on her own. She has been a big influence on his life. He's very close to all of his siblings.

He was christened Barry Moore, but changed his name for professional reasons. He has recorded 20 albums to date and is currently on tour nationwide. He lives in Co Clare, and has two sons, Robbie and Tom, and two grandsons, Tom (3), and John (one year). A master interpreter, he has continued to balance original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters. Like many who write songs, Luka's orchestra of choice is the guitar. What makes his career a little different is his constant search for a new voice within the guitar. The guitar is the landscape on which the song is created, and he is forever probing that landscape for new inspiration. No effects, no gadgets, just searing voice and mastery of his instrument. His new album 'Refuge' was released just last month, October 2017.

A few lines from Luka on the release of 'Refuge' and what inspired him to write one of his most personal albums to date:

Sometimes records are planned for months or even years.
Sometimes records sneak up on you.
I am very happy to announce that in October 2017 we will be releasing my new record REFUGE on
Autumn\Winter 2016 the world seemed to become a loud, brutal place. People hurting from war, homelessness, climate change…
People respond in different ways.
I sought refuge in songs. I wrote some, I learned some and I visited some old ones.
After a few months of quiet work, I felt the need to put these songs out into the world.
At first I heard choirs and strings and trumpets.
In the end I decided to keep it raw, and simple.
And here it is - REFUGE. 11 songs, recorded in the amazing studio that is Lettercollum Recording Studio, with John Fitzgerald and mastered by my old friend Brian Masterson.

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