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The Twisted Sisters

The Twisted Sisters are an original, hilariously outrageous sister act - critically acclaimed and globally established with irreverent lyrics as subtle as a kick in the teeth!! Hailing from the fair County of Armagh, though spotted on many continents, they front a zany, high energy, eclectic band whose aim is to have major fun elevating their vibe into another dimension. Having the craic is the cornerstone of their culture and music. Raising the vibration in entertaining the crowd and themselves, engaging and uplifting the audience with their infectious energy, is their buzz!
Craic: fun, laughter (more head thrown back than tee-hee-hee!!). Never mind the facts when the wildly exaggerated version gets more laughs! 'Mighty craic' is optimum, 'no craic at all' doesn't bear thinking about!
The Twisted Sisters aim to crank the craic up to 90 with their brazen songs, explicit lyrics and spirited performance!
Caution - PG!!

Link to video for 'Wonder':