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We, The Oceanographers
We, the Oceanographers are a DIY lo-fi band from Dundalk, Co. Louth. In keeping with their art music background, the band began playing shows in cafes and art centres while recording their debut record. The recording process was inspired by the DIY punk ethic adopted by bands like 'New Order' and 'The Velvet Underground' and was produced, mixed and mastered by themselves in their bedroom studio in their hometown Dundalk.
March 2015 saw them release their debut album to 7" Vinyl along with playing in bigger venues and theaters. July 2015 seen the band take on their first European tour with dates in Sweden, Denmark, UK and home shows in Ireland. December 2015 saw the release of a limited run of a Christmas single, 'Christmas at the International Space Station' on 7" vinyl, which sold out immediately on release.
2016 saw a tour of Ireland and UK in Spring and in Autumn 2016 and some shows in Dublin and Dundalk to test out new material for a follow up record due to be in finished in 2017.
We, the Oceanographers have played Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 and 2016, Ireland's most renowned music festival. A short tour of USA and Canada is planned for April 2017 as they will travel to play Canadian Music Week in Toronto, representing Dundalk.
We, the Oceanographers are Conal McIntyre, Joseph Edwards and Sean Bradley.
"This is exactly what I need to be listening to right now, it's like the audio antidote for a very stressful day." - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1
"9/10. It is quite bohemian in some respects because it displays a fearless approach to being experimental" - Unsigned & Independent"
8/10. A confident and well-crafted introduction to group capable of more, and will most certainly deliver on that promise." - Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape
"The Future? Our predictions are bigger things and evolving sounds" - Aaron Drain, The Thin Air
"It is clear from the album that this is a band who know who they are as musicians." - Pure M Magazine