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Stuck for a ticket to Croke Park?
Excluded from the upcoming trip down Joshua Tree Lane?
Still haven't found that complimentary pass you were looking for?
Then fret no longer as stadium rock comes to Dundalk on Friday 30th June, when the supreme U2 tribute band, Zooropa, roll into town for the only Irish date on their 180 Degree Tour...

The band are 4 Dublin dedicated fans who never settle for anything less than complete authenticity and unstinting devotion to all things U2.
Zooropa have rapidly garnered a reputation as one of the closest things to U2 out there - from choice of sunglasses to accuracy of lighting, the band does everything in their power to recreate the most faithful and credible U2 experience possible for their audience.
Hell - they even all bought villas in the south of France, moved their own tax base to Antarctica, and paid off the national debt of the obscure African republic of Equatorial Bongo Congo Land to get an edge on other U2 tribute bands!

Getting back to the music, Zooropa cover songs from U2's full discography - from the first single 'Out Of Control" to the latest upcoming release, "Songs of Experience". They also perform rare tracks, B-sides (remember them!), demo out-takes and some cover versions that U2 have done.
So - dig out your wraparounds, crank up the agitprop and get yourself down to the Spirit Store on Friday 30th June to witness for yourselves the best U2 band in the business - The Unforgettable Four!