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Songs In The Quay Of Life

Episode 13 - Sea Legs - Part 2

'Songs In the Quay of Life' is a series of live performances that were filmed in the Spirit Store during the winter lockdown at the end of 2020. Episode 13 is a feature on our 'Sea Legs' open mic night, and premiers on Sat, 3rd Apr, at 8pm. Sea Legs Open Mic Collective has for five years been a platform, uncovering an extraordinary collection of singers, musicians, poets, storytellers and beautiful people. This documentary is a window into the talent hidden on your street.

Head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to get notification of the each new episode as they are added. This series is free to view, but we have linked a charity who would greatly appreciate any donation big or small. This week we would like to highlight the work of the Dundalk Simon Community and any donations at the link below would be sincerely appreciated.
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We are grateful for the assistance of 'Live Venue Collective' and the Department of Tourism-Culture-Gaeltacht in helping us realise this ambition. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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Episode 13: Sea Legs - Part 2

Just Announced

Rebel Rebel

A Tribute To David Bowie

Fri 14 Jan, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM
€22.50 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Light Years

Pearl Jam Tribute

Fri 07 Jan, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM
€18.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Absolute Eagles

Sun 20 Feb, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM
€20.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Reginald D Hunter - Bombe Shuffleur Tour

Thu 20 Jan, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM
€25.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee


Fri 11 Feb, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM
€25.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

David McSavage

Thu 30 Dec, 2021 | Doors 8:00PM
€20.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee