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3 V o i c e s 3 S e t s

January 23, 2020- Three Artists Together for a Night of Music, Ireland Spring 2020 American singer-songwriter Cynthia Catania is no stranger to Ireland. Last September's solo run and performances with the Songwriters On Tap marked her 13th trip over the pond to Irish shores. Since her band, Saucy Monky became radio and media darlings in the mid-2000s, Catania has been performing, producing and writing for tv /film with her projects based in Los Angeles. A theme song on ABC and recently a guest writing stint forHot Press Magazine’s Sex Column , her stories ran for the better part of a year. She’s currently married to a Mars100 Candidate .
After signing with EMI records in her late teens, Naimee Coleman recorded her first albumSliver Wrists in Abbey Road Studios; the follow-up album Bring Down The Moon came 4 years later. She’s opened shows for artists Van Morrison, Sting & SuzanneVegaand performed live with Jackson Browne, SineadO'Connor; toured withRobinGibb(of theBeeGees) in his band as a backing singer. She’s written songs with Howard jones, Phil Thornally (of The Cure) and Aurora. Naimee’s vocals are featured on Aurora's top 5 hit Ordinary World .
After relocating to Los Angeles, Coleman returned to her singer-songwriter roots writing and recording new material, which was featured in various TV shows including The Guiding Light (CBS). She has toured and performed throughout the United States. Naimee’s adventures in motherhood put her music career on brief pause but she is excited to be writing and performing once again.

Dublin born Annmarie Cullen spent her 20’s overseas cutting her teeth in the American music scene almost immediately landing a publishing deal and writing position for the Disney showSo Weird . She met Cynthia and the two became a powerful writing team. Their indie-pop band Saucy Monky went on to tour the world culminating in the Colors Festival in the Czech Republic before Cullen moved to Spain.
The 3 appeared on RTE’s ARENA together this past fall and have been touring with the Songwriters On Tap collective. Catania’s single SIDELINES drops worldwide Feb 20th, also penned by Annmarie Cullen. Her previous single PHONES was picked up nationwide by Irish radio. Fun to note, In SM’s heyday, the band shared festival stages with the likes ofPJHarvey, Wilco, Pink, The Blackeye Peas, TheB52’s, Metric, MarianneFaithful, TheCureand more! Original drummer Adam Marcello went on to MDKatyPerry, American Idol and marry tourmate Naimee Coleman!