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Aaron Shanley is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter who spent his high school years immersed in beat literature, skateboarding and playing guitar in punk rock bands.

Aaron’s songwriting abilities landed him several slots at the esteemed Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival, where he was presented with the Katherine Brick Award for Young Songwriter of the Year in 2010. Aaron went on to tour the US and UK extensively supporting the likes of Foy Vance, Hozier and The Divine Comedy before relocating to London in 2015.
His return to Northern Ireland saw 'Metal Alligator', previously self-released in 2015, get an official release on Swallow Song Records in May 2017, including bonus and limited edition material and backed by his band The Horrortongues. Metal Alligator
is an eclectic mix of fuzzy punk rock, experimental instrumentals and vintage-sounding pop songs.


"He has the vision, the cheekbones and the major tunes. There's clearly an affinity with Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and surely some kind of connection with the young Dylan as he makes those words and sentiments tumble with much authority."
Stuart Bailie, NME/BBC

"Scuzzy lo-fi indie rock in the vein of Ty Segall and Sparklehorse...this is a snapshot of an artist who threw complete caution to the wind in favour of reaping the artistic fruits of flux, providence and transformation."
Brian Coney, The Thin Air

“His hallmark is a characteristic and intriguing lo-fi sound that, mixed with dusty, various noises and his electro-acoustic guitar, creates what – at a first impact – reminds me of the oldest Guided By Voices.”
Indie & Tonic

“Here we see Shanley's poetry stretched over a shimmering soundscape, seemingly without boundaries. Easily the most inventive album of the year, Metal Alligator's total faith lives in constant doubt. There is light in the dark, and hope in oblivion.”
Taylor Johnston, Encore NI