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Dave Murphy and Paul Sachs

This November, New Jersey native Dave Murphy visits the land of his ancestors and embarks on his first Irish tour. Joining Dave will be singer-songwriter and guitar genius Paul Sachs from NYC and also, Dave's cousin Kerry Fearon who still resides at the family homestead which faces Slieve Gullion, just outside of Jonesboro in South Armagh.

On his appropriately titled American Landscape, Dave Murphy is both a lonesome-voiced Troubadour who sings like a heart newly bruised by distance and longing and an astute observer and chronicler of the American condition. He narrates his tales with wit and brevity. On "Fading Taillights," Murphy plays the role of the lover choosing to jilt rather than be jilted. Murphy evokes the time and distance of the lost American highway and the poignant role it plays in every American songwriter's imagination. Half a lifetime of the travel, stories and portraits he has experienced finally has distilled into this lush and resonant collection titled American Landscape.

American Landscape has been enjoying huge success in the States to date; Reaching #5 Roots Music Report's National Top 50 Americana-Country Album Chart where it spent over 5 months in the Top 50, American Landscape also reached #1 on the Roots Music Report's New Jersey Top 50 Album Chart as well as reaching #9 Top Album on the Folk DJ Chart
Born and raised in New York City, Paul Sachs writes lyrical and gritty songs. Bob
Dylan, Harry Chapin, Tom Waits and Springsteen are the songwriters that influenced him, and pushed him into the folk music circles of the city. Sachs still lives in NYC, performing in various venues around the country. He has recorded six independent albums, His finger style guitar work and powerful voice combine to create mesmerizing vignettes.

Full Detroit (2018) is Paul Sachs' sixth independent release. A 2013 Kerrville new folk winner, Sachs' new powerful collection of songs challenge the paradox of solitude while at the same time needing one another. Whether facing existential forces or surviving on a planet reeling out of control, one thing is certain- some things we go through alone. In the opening track "Foxhole Prayer," "God grant me the serenity" is pondered, "there is no we when Judgment comes". The title track is a metaphorical nightmare that unfolds as a man awakes to find his lover next to him still the same. While in the dream they've "Gone Full Detroit." "Leave aLittle Heaven Behind" contemplates the good we do on earth while realizing all of us are finite. In
"Glorious Failure," a washed-up pugilist tells the story of how his fathers' abuse played a part in the decisions he made in the boxing world- "My father used to shout you're a has been, but I was never a used to be." In "People are a lot of Work," Sachs meets a hermit who lets his misanthropic views get the best of him. In "Family Secrets," Sachs sings about his upbringing and how some things are better left unknown.

Enjoying her own little bit of success, Kerry Fearon can't wait for this Irish tour as she says 'It will be a special kind of tour, sharing gigs with someone who is family! Dave will also get to explore the area where our family came from and to visit and meet up with more relatives.'
Kerry has recently completed a run of UK and Scottish festivals; one of which she headlined the Maverick stage (The 25th Millport Country Music Festival) and her current single; 'To Ramona' has been enjoying a lot of radio success throughout Europe and is the current number 1 on the Downtown Radio/ Downtown Country Hot 7 chart and it has also spent several weeks at the top spot on the Hotdisc British and Irish Top Ten. Kerry looks forward to the Susan McCann String of Diamonds Festival in January 2020. Catch her Boot's 'N' Roots show on Dundalk FM every third Saturday of the month at 10pm.