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"...shrouded in mysterious melancholy, their music is full of narcotic beauty that threads together climax after climax." De Subjectivisten
“...after listening to the atmospheric sounds and the wonderful voices of the two singers for a brief music lesson, one wonders why Deleyaman seems to be an eternal secret and why are Nick Cave’s or Leonard Cohen’s melancholic music more widely known than Deleyaman's, whose current album is deadly sad - and because of it so beautiful, so moving, so seductive.” Thoralf Koß for Musicreviews

Deleyaman was founded by the euro-american musician Aret Madilian currently living in a rural coastal village located in Normandy, France.
The two other co-founding members are french singer Beatrice Valantin and french-armenian duduk player Gerard Madilian. Guillaume Leprevost takes on the duties of bass and guitar on stage.
They are the ?rst alternative band to have included the ancient wind instrument called the duduk in their line-up.
Deleyaman’s musical in?uences are vast. From post-punk to cold wave from the anatolian minstrels to ethereal ambient soundscapes, from minimalist to atmospheric music, their enigmatic sound transcends most mainstream genres.
The band members of Deleyaman don’t pay much attention to trends. They follow their own creative path o? the beaten tracks. They’ve released seven albums to date and continue to create a timeless music, defying the narrow vision of single genres.
Their latest album “The lover, The stars & The citadel” was recorded at Kurna Hata, the band’s studio in Normandy and includes contributions from friend Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance), guesting on two of the album’s tracks.
In 2017, The french actress and director Fanny Ardant included two tracks from Deleyaman’s Second album on the soundtrack of her latest ?lm Le Divan de Staline starring Gerard Depardieu and Emmanuelle Seigner.


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Jules Maxwell’s background as a composer is in theatre and dance and he regularly works at the National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe in London. He also has a long standing relationship with artist Mark Storor with whom he has created many small and large scale promenade and circus pieces.
He has composed soundtracks for numerous dance companies and choreographers including Wayne McGregor, Jasmin Vardimon, Hofesh Schechter in London, Jeanine Durning in New York, Skånes Dansteater in Malmo and La Fura Dels Baus in Barcelona.
He composed the soundtrack to Tim Loane's Oscar nominated short ?lm Dance Lexie Dance (1996).
As a musician and song writer he has collaborated with Foy Vance, Iain Archer Lisa Gerrard, Joachim Witt, Duke Special and Dead Can Dance for whom he played keyboards on their 2012/13 Anastasis World Tour.
He wrote the song First of July on Foy Vance’s debut album Hope.
He has co-written 4 new songs with Lisa Gerrard for a new album, Boocheemish by Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.
His debut solo album entitled Songs From The Cultural Backwater will be released on September 28, 2018


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