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Hubert Murray
Raconteur, Hubert Murray, has a voice bursting from the soul. His songs feature lost loves, inner demons, compulsive liars & day dreamers, rounded out with a masterful hand over the fret board. His performances embody all that is best in modern roots music, combining energy, soul and authentic storytelling.

Press Quotes:
"Hubert Murray is one to watch for. An inspiring songwriter & a fine instrumentalist. Niall Toner, RTE Radio One
4/5 "An excellent songwriter." Spiral Earth

George Boomsma
George Boomsma is a progressive folk musician from North Yorkshire. George's effortless vocals and sensitive guitar playing evoke an intimate atmosphere that silences even the rowdiest of crowds.
After George's highly regarded debut album, 'George Boomsma' released back in Summer 2016 comes his highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Do Something With The Night' which was released February 2018.

Press Quotes:
"If it were possible for Nick Drake and Thom Yorke to collaborate, it might sound something like this." James Robins, Fresh On The Net
Songs of exquisite beauty, with a voice that could melt ice caps... gorgeous stuff. Bob Fischer, BBC Radio
George Boomsma // Hubert Murray