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The Indian Hemp Project Play Galaxie 500.

When The Indian Hemp Project parted ways over a decade ago, plans for a future reunion at the time seemed about as likely as a successful Presidential campaign by a lunatic like Donald Trump. Funny how things change.

The key to this unlikely return was the group finding common ground in the form of a shared love of the music of Galaxie 500 among others. Original members John Martin, Noel McMahon and Dylan Pearse are joined by new lead guitar wizard Niall Conlon as they explore and cherrypick from the three albums and assorted demos recorded by one of the greatest bands America has ever produced - according to The Indian Hemp Project!

This is the first of three audio/visual projects which the band will embark on before they undertake the wealth of original material they have temporarily relinquished in the pursuit of musical nirvana. With influences as varied as The Velvet Underground, The Modern Lovers, Joy Division, The Red Krayola and Spacemen 3, this a musical experience that will delight the knowledgeable and the curious in equal measures.