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Joey Gavin

Joey Gavin is a songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, currently based in Berlin.
This Autumn, Joey and his band will tour Ireland in support of his next single, Home Sweet Home, with support act and backing band, old time act Puddle.
Can we be proud of a nation and ashamed of it too? What is a nation? Home Sweet Home challenges the notion of home.
A street is not a home for the homeless, heart's not harbor of blood for oxygen. We orbit home like electrons to a nucleus. Home is a faulty idea, a construct used to sell us things. Maybe it's a just football team.
This single is from the upcoming debut album, collected from work spanning 4 years of wandering in the west of Ireland, Greece, and Berlin, which touches on a spectrum of 20th Century folk rock and Americana from 70's Floydian jams, oneiric surf-goth to Lambchop-esque sentimental balladry.

In 2018, after playing a series of Irish festivals, followed by a permanent move to Berlin to "shuffle the deck", he played with Elizabeth Moen on a North American tour as a guitarist and support act, including performances in L.A, New York and Portland. His previous single, the angsty Rolf Harris Is A Paedophile garnered him strong recognition in his hometown, which coincided with the end of his journey with noise pop heroes, Thumper, the music project of old friend Oisin Furlong, who features heavily on the new record.