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Josienne Clarke
"A songwriter capable of spinning several plates at once…
she's delivered an intimate record tailor-made for long wintry nights" - 4/5 Q Magazine

"Folkster cuts ties and starts anew. Beautifully" - 4/5 MOJO

"A thing of gossamer beauty, Clarke's crystalline voice evoking Sandy Denny" - Uncut

"Each song is special- simple yet full of depth. Clarke's songwriting conjures darkly beautiful imagery; her voice as heartbreaking as it is soothing and melancholic to its core." - 9/10 Loud and Quiet

"In All Weather feels like an act of personal and professional liberation that could open up other doors for Josienne Clarke as well. It'll be exciting to see where she goes next" - No Depression

" They just might be the best break-up songs since Blood on the Tracks -
big claims, but listen to the songs." - The Arts Desk

"In All Weather feels like a high watermark (so far) with the promise of great, and greater things to come. A remarkable, impeccable collection." - Folk Radio UK

Rough Trade Records artist Josienne Clarke is pleased to announce a series of dates in Ireland to promote her new solo album.

The album 'In All Weather' is a new collection of songs by writer, singer and musician Josienne Clarke, it's a record with which she goes it alone; both musically, as this is her first solo record, and in her own life, laid bare and played out in the leave-it-all-behind-and-start-anew nature of the lyrics.

"Learning to sail in all weather, the line from which the album title comes, is what we are all trying to do," Josienne explains. "To right ourselves when things feel turbulent and uncertain. How to correct your course and stay true to the things you believe and need and let all the rest go."

Fans of Josienne Clarke's previous melancholic chamber folk duo will recognise her uniquely sorrowful and jewel-like vocal style. But these new songs were sung and played by Josienne in the manner they've always been written; emotionally raw, immediate and unvarnished. Gone are the duo's grandiose arrangements; Josienne accompanies herself on pared-back acoustic and electric guitar throughout. The songs required little embellishment; they just needed to be heard as clearly as possible.

"These are not love songs, these are life songs; life lines to save me from sinking, each one a hard-won lesson in how not to do things next time. It's a manifesto of how to leave and how to change."

It's a record that not only addresses every aspect of that personal, professional and geographical leaving and changing, it's also a record that wouldn't exist if she hadn't made these giant steps.

"I exiled myself, moved to an island, metaphorically and literally; broke up with everything but song writing, to re-make myself and learn to let it all go in peace."

With In All Weather a lot has changed. But Josienne Clarke remains one of the most impressive, accomplished and downright heart-breaking singers, lyricists and composers we've got.