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Just Mustard
Just Mustard return to the Spirit Store on the 19/5/18 to mark the release of their debut album 'Wednesday'

Released via Pizza Pizza Records on 12" Vinyl and all streaming services.

"The quintet craft an enormous and cathartic sound that burrows under your skin, gently croons in your ear, and pummels you around the head and face." - Overblown

"Music under complete control, even when it sounds at its most unwieldy." - The Last Mixed Tape

With Guests

Hot Cops
Hot Cops are a 3 piece rockingroll band from Belfast, They are very good.

Dundalk natives combining folk songs with pop sensibilities and experimental alt rock. Debut album to be recorded by Steve Albini in September & released on 12" vinyl and streaming services via Pizza Pizza Records in 2018.