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Katie Kim

Katie's track Day Is Coming from the SALT album has been used as part of a publishing deal we just signed off on for the trailer of a new Sundance selected Netflix series called Wild Wild Country - watch the trailer here.

Background to Katie:
Mood is central to the expansive musical landscape of Katie Kim. Darkened corners, icy atmospheres and hypnotic knife edge soundscapes. Piano chords stretch to infinity, silence is employed as devastating punctuation, while the voice, in its salience is all the scattered beauty a glimmer of light can illuminate. Cinematic in scope and tectonic in delivery, it's as deep as you want or need it to be. A slow core waltz at the bottom of the ocean, steeped in gloomy ambience. Tension tugs at the heart with this euphoric exploration into the depths of darkness and light. "Holding my hand now the tides incoming/Make us a shield so the light won't get in."

Katie Kim has released four studio albums to date: Twelve (2008), Vaults Vol.1 (2011) Cover & Flood (2012) (UK release 2013) and SALT (2016) Nominated for The RTE Choice Music Award for Album of The Year. SALT was recently performed live in a series of concerts with Katie Kim and Crash Ensemble in its entirety, in an alternative reworked form, with arrangements from composer Sean Clancy for Crash. A live album is just finished being produced of this.

She has also scored an original soundtrack for the 1928 surrealist Germain Dulac silent film, "La Coquille et Le Clergyman", commissioned by The Cork French Film Festival, which she also performed with her full band, live, in front of a sold-out audience. This original score will be released later this year as part of a multimedia package.

She has been part of many collaborations, including The Waterboys, Sean MacErlaine, Crash Ensemble, David Kitt and many more.

"Katie Kim evokes everything from William Basinski's starker works, early Labradford and the landscape of loss so masterfully sound tracked by the likes of Aidan Baker, Tim Hecker and Stars of The Lid " - The Thin Air

"Salt illuminates and ignites her song writing pedigree to a brilliant new level; these nine vignettes align craft and technique with outright innovation. Most excitingly, the textures are almost tangible in their ferocity - piano chords are stretched and strung out to infinity, silence is employed as devastating punctuation and Kim's own vocals are soothing and empathetic while also sounding a million light years away." - 4/5 Stars - The Skinny

"The return of Katie Kim is a triumph. While the brilliance of her previous work cannot be overstated, just how exact Salt is with its sound is a wonder to behold. The album knows exactly how to play itself, it's a dreamlike and every note, texture and beat plays into that notion of reality vs the subconscious. This is Katie Kim at her best." - 10/10 stars - The Last Mixtape and was later awarded album of the year for 2016 on TLMT