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Lioness - The Amy Winehouse Experience

She's back to black ...The astounding and most talked about Amy Winehouse Lioness show returns to The Spirit Store Dundalk on Thursday 6th June ..Amy Winehouse made a huge impact in her career which was tragically too short . Her voice and her unique interpretation of songs made her simply an icon in the world of music .Amy's albums "Frank", the Grammy award winning "Back To Black" and "Lioness" are rated as amongst the best albums ever. To honour such a music icon as Amy Winehouse takes a very special talent . Emma Wright fills this role very successfully . Emma has appeared on TV as a finalist on "Stars In Their Eyes" , plus she made it to bootcamp on "X Factor".
With a dynamic backing band the Lioness show packs a punch in a velvet glove. They successfully recreate the live performance of Amy Winehouse,and take you on an emotional musical journey through a mix of jazz,ballads ,soul and pop .
You are absolutely guaranteed to experience a sensational show that will have you singing along and dancing as if nobody is watching.