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Niall McGuigan

Niall Mc Guigan is a musician and music therapist from Castleblayney, Co.Monaghan, Ireland. After performing in a variety of bands ranging from metal, grunge, rock, funk & reggae over the past fourteen years Niall has released his first album as a solo artist "Awareness".

The Album is a collection of songs written over a period of six years expressing experiences of travel, education and self-discovery. Similar to the idea of songlines, a term used in aboriginal culture to describe songs that create a map, each song points the listeners attention within, towards awareness, self discovery and a connection with ones self.

The album incorporates many musical styles including reggae, folk, rock, and Khoomii (Mongolian throat singing). This is fused with a variety of cross-cultural influences ranging from South American shamanism to eastern meditation practices.

"Awareness" is inherently soothing and medicinal. Its flowing rhythms and the gentle crescendo of Mc Guigan's vocals create a calm that seems intrinsic to this singer's creative vision.

Colleen Taylor - The Irish Echo

"An intense carnal whirl of sounds"

Bryony Hegarty - Rock N Reel Magazine ****

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