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One Eye Open

Acoustic guitars, mandolin, violin and percussions - that is all you need for straight, direct and authentic music that goes right into your heart. ONE EYE OPEN is the band around singer and songwriter Markus "Major" Guenter, who writes all songs and lyrics. His raspy and intense voice is in the focus, his lyrics remind us of Dylan Thomas, John Steinbeck or Tom Waits, with all their yearning and melancholy. Critics compare the music with Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers and praise in particular the great atmosphere of the live concerts. The band already had the opportunity to share the stage with musicians such as Ezio, Liam o'Maonlai, Justin Sullivan and Niels Fevert.
After "Ballads from a tired world", the eighth record of the band, was recorded and successfully funded by crowdfunding in 2015. The compositions of the album, which impresses with versatile arrangements, a colourful song selection and an overall well-balanced sound, still form the core of the live performances in 2017. Together with older, popular songs and some new ones in between, a unique singer-songwriter atmosphere is created that amazes both fans and new listeners. In addition, the sound of the quartet gains a controlled boost with trumpets, trombone, accordion, glockenspiel or piano.
Major and his band take us into their world with them - a world full of trials and tribulations of grand emotions. And we can dance or cry along with it. Or both at the same time.

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