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Orwells 84
Like the Phoenix formed out of the ashes in 2015 Orwells '84 have created a sound of post pop psychedelia washed with influences from the roots of blues with a reverb laden backdrop. Since their formation they have showed a swagger and confidence in both the style and deliverance of music on stage and in recordings.

Their debut release has been anticipated by their peers on the Dundalk music scene for some time. The single "An Eye For an Eye", the follow on to the bands "very original sound" and online demos have become a hot topic throughout their native Dundalk in recent months.

The band have confirmed their arrival by performing throughout venues, most notably one of Ireland's most renowned venues, The Spirit Store, on which they took to the main stage and delivered. The band now set their sights on festival stages within their reach with ambitions to move swiftly through the Irish music scene, step by step, leaps and bounds, higher on each rung of the ladder as they go.

Orwells '84 was essentially Damien Mc Kenna, who has now been joined by full band members John, Sean and Michael, late in 2016. The band expanded both the roster and their range even further with Ella Englishby and Zoe Backwell coming in on strings and vocals. With numerous members it can be assumed that there is a wall of sound but the band have spent countless hours crafting and grafting a uniqueness in both songwriting and musicianship. Along with the guitars, drums and bass, the lads have a skill of introducing strings, keys and vocals melodies that embody what the band is about.