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The Pale

The Pale return to The Spirit Store to mark the start of what will be a frenetic year for the Dublin stalwarts.
A band that refuse to be pigeonholed, tied down by genres, trends or musical movements, The Pale gear up for the launch of the new single URSA MAJOR on the 25th January.
The track is the first release of The Pale's long awaited album 'MERCIFUL HOUR'. Due for a release on 12th April 2019, 'MERCIFUL HOUR' is the culmination of four years of writing and recording. Produced by sonic maestro Keith Farrell, the album is one of constant surprises, building on the classic Pale template and expanding it musically and lyrically.
The release builds on the back of a stunning year for the band. Taking a break in production at the start of 2018, the band celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of their award-winning debut 'Here's One We Made Earlier' with a sell-out show in Whelan's, a nationwide tour and a run of wildly received festival appearances. The re-issued album jumped to the top five of the iTunes charts and brought renewed airplay for the classic songs 'Butterfly' and 'Dogs With No Tails'.

This was followed by a fully seated gig at Dublin's Unitarian Church complete with string quartet and contributions from the Legally Sound choir, where material from 'MERCIFUL HOUR' was showcased to an enraptured audience. The Pale were also selected by Dublin City Council Culture Company to pen three songs about well known Dublin heroes. The project was launched in November 2018 and the tracks will be released as part of Dublin City Council's 'Culture Map. 2018 culminated with support slots with Glen Hansard and a return to The National Concert Hall for two songs with the Legally Sound Choir, for the Aidlink for Turkana concert.
The Pale's live reputation is hard earned, with sets jumping between Indie-pop, Reggae, Eastern European folk, all presented with a wry lyrical twist and frenetic energy. Never to be pigeonholed, a Pale gig will see them play dozens of songs drawing from a range of genres. Mandolins and Bouzoukis duel with guitars, synths and drums, all propelled by their inimitable stage presence and striking musical prowess.