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The Pale

Dublin band The Pale will play two intimate shows at the wonderful Tea Lane Church in Celbridge on Friday the 21st and Saturday 22nd of February. while also playing an early 1pm show at Dublin's Royal Oak Pub on Sunday 23rd in preparation of their upcoming UK shows at the end of February. These UK show's will be their first UK shows in over 20 years.

2020 see's the band celebrate 30 years in the music industry, and they will be undertaking a 30th anniversary Irish tour to commemorate the event before the summer with some other exciting news to follow later this year.

"The Pale are delighted to be touring in the United Kingdom again, it really has been way too long. We have made a new album that we are very proud of and this gives us the perfect excuse to try and get it heard by as many new ears as possible. We learned everything we needed to know about live performance touring the UK in the early nineties and we cannot wait to get back into the fray." Matthew Devereux

The Pale started life in Dublin's Northside in the early 90's but drew their influences from far beyond. the band cut their teeth busking on Dublin's Grafton street, along side fellow Irish musicians like Kila, Paddy Casey, Mic Christopher and Glen Hansard.
For some they are best remembered for their hits 'Butterfly' and 'Dogs With No Tails'. but that is only the tip of the iceberg for a band that has steered clear of the beaten track, releasing a string of albums the effortlessly skip between style and genres, all the while retaining a strong lyrical focus.
Flirtations with chart success, forays into alternative circuses, tours way off the beaten path in Russia, Japan, Eastern Europe and beyond are all par for the course for a band that have refused to trade off past glories.
2019 seen them release their 13th studio album to date 'Merciful Hour', Followed by shows across Ireland, as well as Electric Picnic and closing the Friday night of Feile 19 in Tipperary. while November 2019 saw their hit single 'Dogs With No Tails' being featured in Season 2 of the BBC hit series 'The Young Offenders'.
This year will see The Pale celebrate their 30 year anniversary in the music industry, releasing 13 albums and numerous tours across the world in that time. the band will be doing a nationwide Tour to commemorate this milestone in their career before the summer. expect some very exciting announcements regarding the celerations to follow soon.
Press Quotes.
"Lyrically, the north Dublin band veer from playful to portentousness on their first album in six years.You can hear the trademark bouzouki throughout but also David Bowie's influence on these fans who began composing it in the aftermath of his 2016 death"
Danny McElhinney - Irish Mail On Sunday ****
"The great thing about The Pale is that just when you think you have them pegged down and labelled, another track sends you off course yet again. Irish music fans should treasure them"
Rob McNamara - Golden Plec ****
"It has been said that you don't release 13 albums without displaying a chameleon-like ability for change, and it is true of this release - from song to song, you never know which course it's headed. This tactic of misdirection has served them well in the past and does so again".
Colin Sheriden - Hot Press ****