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Pizza Pizza Recoreds - Paddy's Day Party

Bleeding Heart Pigeons -

Nix Moon -
Nix Moon are five spirited space-monkeys full of scallywaggery who emerged from the wilderness and have managed to bring a somewhat unruly amalgamation of genres to order. Their sound is a concoction of untamed psychedelic tendencies interwoven with threads of sonic sophistication. The name 'Nix' is taken from a satellite of Pluto, whose movements are chaotic and unpredictable, similar to the meanderings of the band's music. Just when you think you know where they are taking you, you suddenly catch yourself in another realm completely, but find you have arrived there willingly.

Kelso -
Owing their origins to a small practice space in Dundalk Co louth, Kelso are a 4 piece indie pop band boasting catchy melodies over a strong harmonic and rhythmic foundation. Kelso are sure to leave you whistling a tune for days to come.

w/ DJ's Noonan & Rob Sharkey.

Price: €12.50