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Pizza Pizza Records Presents:

Robocobra Quartet
Mining influence from jazz, hardcore and contemporary classical music, Robocobra Quartet sound like little else.

Originally formed at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the group operate as an expanding, contracting and ever-changing collective. A no-holds-barred approach centred on a howling drummer-vocalist and menacing saxophones takes them to festivals such as SXSW (USA), Brilliant Corners Festival of Jazz (UK) and Crossing Border (Netherlands).

Bolstered by support from the PRS Foundation and Arts Council, Robocobra Quartet's debut 12" LP 'Music For All Occasions' received accolades from the likes of The Quietus and BBC Radio 6. The group improvise not only musically but also in their conduct - engineering their own recordings and performing in venues as varied at jazz festivals, the back room of a pizza parlour in Liverpool and in-store at Rough Trade Records.

"Fugazi meets Mingus." - Drowned in Sound

"Barely of this world." - DIY Magazine

"Carefully crafted." - The Quietus

Percolator is an experimental rock band whose blend of hypnotic kraut techno and wall
of shoegazing guitar drones has been compared to Swans with a leaning towards NEU!'s
krautrock driven rhythms.

Percolator started in Waterford in 2007 as a drum and guitar duo mainly influenced by
the electro infused noise pop and shoegaze bands of the 80's and 90's. They released a
number of 7" singles and EPs, added a bassist, and gigged extensively, playing alongside many
of their minstrelling heroes including Deerhoof, NEU!'s Michael Rother, A Place To Bury
Strangers and the now deceased Grant Hart of Husker Du.

In 2012, having gone through several line-up changes, the current and longest lasting
line-up was formed. Consisting of John 'Spud' Murphy (Bass, Synths), and founding members
Eleanor Myler (Drums, vocals) and Ian Chestnutt (guitar vocals), the trio have spent the last 5
years transforming themselves into one of the most intriguing and melodically arresting bands in
Ireland at the moment.

Debut LP Sestra out now on PENSKE / PERMAFROST

Strength N.I.A
Our sound is Werewolf pop. It's Wooly and deliberate. We record onto magnetic tape because it gives us the bass frequency we like. Bass frequency is the sound of warm blood flowing through our bodies.

" I wanted to use pieces of dead machinery: an old drum machine,a broken bass guitar, a stuttering organ. I wanted to use things that people had disregarded or forgotten about, I needed to find the light that was still flickering within these machines.My whole purpose was to create something that would sound good in a crap Hi-fi.

I needed to get clear of massive recording consoles and endless digital options.I wanted to get myself into a space were there was literally nothing left. Strength N.I.A was the aftermath of a nuclear disaster,and all I could find amidst the smoldering rubble was a cassette machine and some other forms of primitive and basic machinery - I imagined myself making the first pop songs in the world again - songs that would connect with people after the disaster - everything in the world had been destroyed so I needed to create something out of the ruin-something tangible that could be felt and played in a makeshift hi-fi or car stereo. This is were I would begin..." - Strength N.I.A