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George's Quay, Dundalk, Co. Louth +353-42-9352697

"tightly-woven, brilliantly antagonistic alt-rock " - BBC N. Ireland-Across The Line

"A fast paced melee of hammering guitar lines, pounding drum lines and roving, rumbling bass, combining melody with power " -

"Turn it up and rip the knob off. Music that should be listened to loud and only loud. Great vocals, riffs and beats for a perfect platform for eardrum destruction." -

Angry, trashy, punchy and irreverent as they possibly could be, Irish three-piece Podracer take the post-punk sounds of the 80's, the subpop sounds of the 90's and different elements of rock and punk to create short, sharp shocks to the system with their relentless and uncompromising sound and lyrical content.

They made their live debut in their home town of Dundalk's Spirit Store, supporting Whipping Boy and have since shared the stage with, amongst others, Kerbdog, Little Matador, Lafaro, Giveamanakick, Scott H. Biram, Fighting With Wire and Lo Lite in Amsterdam.

Their debut single "Easy Singles" received 1000s of YouTube hits in it's first week and is taken from their debut album "Parking Cars & Pumping Gas". Produced by Stuart "Marty" Martin (Lafaro), each one of the twelve tracks capture perfectly the relentless, high-energy sound of the band live and is available digitally at iTunes and Bandcamp.

Alan Anderson - Vocals/Guitar
Damien Carroll - Bass/Vocals
Keith Mulholland - Drums

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