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Seattle Grunge Experience
The Seattle Grunge Experience are the only tribute act to authentically recreate the live sound of the four biggest Grunge bands in history, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains.
For those of us who grew up outside of Seattle, Grunge was never about just one band. Our experience of Grunge was through MTV (when it was good) and on any given day we could watch videos like Teen Spirit followed by Even Flow followed by Black Hole Sun…Man In The Box…Hunger Strike... Come As You Are... It was a great time for music… and that is where the idea for the Seattle Grunge Experience comes from… These bands, these songs were meant to be heard back to back!
The Seattle Grunge Experience authentically recreate the raw power of Nirvana, the depth of Pearl Jam, the technical ability of Soundgarden, and the darkness of Alice In Chains. It was not easy, but the end result is a musical feast that takes the listener back to the Grunge days.