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Shed formed for one big hootenanny, but they never stopped hootenannying. Shed are an evil gospel band for anyone who ever listend to a hymn and thought, “That could do with a kick up the hole”. An unholy and irreverant mix of influences from old time folk legends like Stompin Tom Connors and Johnny Horton, to punk and metal greats like Primus, Tom Waits, and Drop Kick Murphys.

Shed were formed for an Irish wake to see a friend off to foreign shores. They started this hootenanny back in July 2016, and have been hootenanying ever since. Shed’s influences come from all over, with each player coming from a different musical background of Traditional Irish, Garage Rock and Blues, Funk, Punk, Jazz and Metal. And with little knowledge of americana, bluegrass or gospel, they decided that this was path they wanted to follow.

Cillian (Rev. Louis James) Donlon preaches in a whiskey cigarette growl. Commanding the congregation to hoot and holler, to stomp their boots and raise the roof. While he picks the banjo, Pete Rust either crunches out a strong rhythm guitar or bends and contorts some beautiful blues licks and solos. Ben McKenna marches, slaps and tickles his bass, lending a wild groove that will take your hips to hell and back. While Marty Smith beats the everliving sin from his cajon forcing this shambling mess ever forward.