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Slow Place Like Home

'Slow Place Like Home' is the music of producer/musician Keith Mannion.
Based in the forests of Donegal, in the North-West of Ireland, he has already released a series of EPs and his debut album 'Romola'.
2016 saw him release the double A-sided singles 'Tiger Lilly' & 'Friday' on special edition limited 10" vinyl.

Having played with such acts as, Dan Deacon, Squarepusher, Perfume Genius, Day Wave, Ezra Furman, Moodoïd, Prince Rama, Glass Animals and Pantha Du Prince, Mannion's sophomore album is due for release in late 2017 on Galway's Strange Brew Rekkids, along with an extensive tour.

First single "When I See You... Ice Cream!" was released on June 19th 2017.
The Irish Times Tony Clayton-Lea called it "Song of the week (if not the Summer!)"

"One of the finest producers in Ireland and one of my favourite artists anywhere on Earth right now" - Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio 6/ Radio Ulster.

"Donegal-based musician and producer Keith Mannion wears his influences on his sleeve - but he knows exactly how and where to gently push and shove his music. Each note (on Romola) is influenced by the scenic countryside of the Atlantic North West coast of Ireland. ????" - The Irish Times

"Based in the rural depths of Donegal, Ireland, SlowPlaceLikeHome is a remarkably unique talent. Drifting wisps of electronics give way to sugar sweet pop melodies, all pieced together with an unerring strangeness. Real name Keith Mannion, the producer/musician's semi-exile from cultural conduits has seemingly allowed him to do exactly as he pleases and it works!" - Clash Magazine.

"Sumptuous offerings, from a candid, yet bizarre musical source, Mannion twists the knife with his three-dimensional hooks" - NME magazine.

"'Romola' from SlowPlaceLikeHome is an album that I've been looking forward to for a long time. It delivers everything that I hoped for, no matter how unreasonable! It may turn out to be a slow burner but one you should give a chance. You won't be disappointed." - Dan Hegarty, RTE 2FM.

"Hazy, cryptically vague and full of inventive and adventurous tracks, Romola is inspired and informed by the isolation and desolation of the Irish coast which sculpted it's formation. Cherry-pick certain tracks and you'll find sturdy but indistinct pieces of a puzzle; full involve yourself in the record, however, and you'll find a debut album as immersive as it is impressive." - Gold Flake Paint.

"Made with classic stylings, SlowPlaceLikeHome feels contemporary. It's a tight collection oozing personality and charisma, making Mannion a luminary in the current scene." - Alan Reilly, State Magazine.

"It's time to make room in the frame for Donegal's Keith Mannion. Deep, moody, evocative and beautifully pitched, Mannion's somnolent electronica is best captured on release "Coastal Hubs for Chivalry" " - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times.

"You've heard of the Pacific North-West; time now for the Atlantic North-West. Donegal-based Keith Mannion brings us a set of diverse but finely balanced electronic (semi-) instrumentals. This is heart-on-its-sleeve electronic music, with moments of genuine emotion. That's not to say it doesn't pay attention to arrangements though - the signs are that these are meticulously put together. And there are tunes to fall in love with, or even to. Although it takes account of cross currents in jazz and folktronica, it has its roots in kosmische. And what a beautiful thing it is." - Conor O'Toole, WEARENOISE

" Mannion gallivants around the subgenres of electronic, never really committing to any one in particular but common in his palette are wandering instrumentals, treated vocals, '90s electronica and swirling arrangements. It's very effective thinking music." - Nialler9

"music that seeps into your skin, swirls around in your brain and nurtures your creative energy like fresh rain at the end of summer. I believe that SlowPlaceLikeHome is quite successful at this. And, he seems to be slowly building an arsenal of tracks for whatever creative mood you might be in." - Digital Mumbles

"...SlowPlaceLikeHome, a project of rich instrumental electronic music which could be described as expansive, pensive and seductive." - Irish Independent