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Thought You Knew is the second album from London based Snowpoet, the band led by the award winning vocalist Lauren Kinsella and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson, featuring Nick Costley-White on guitar, Matt Robinson on keys, Josh Arcoleo on sax and Dave Hamblett on drums.
Born out of a deep musical understanding, their acclaimed eponymous debut Snowpoet won rave reviews and a devoted audience for their compelling sound. Thought You Knew takes their musical collaboration and sound to the next level, blending sweet hook laden vocal lines with warm and lush arrangements.This music is infectious, delicate and tasteful. With a new home at Edition Records, they are set to reach new heights in profile confirming their reputation as one of the most innovative and creative new bands in the UK today. Join them on their extensive Ireland and UK tour through the PRSF Beyond Boarders Touring Scheme.