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Jinx Lennon

+ Special Guest Baby Nits + These Are Atoms

Sat 26 Nov, 2022 | Doors 8:00PM | €15.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee


Jinx Lennon

Dundalk punk poet Jinx Lennon utilises noise,tape machine,garage rock 2 minute bursts,strange folk tunings and gut pummeling beats.He uses the four elements of mouth,wire,wood ,and right foot to pull you along on a journey through the mayhem and magic of the border people and enables you to take good peek action inside his head.There's no telling where the show will go but you will be holding onto your seat and your frontal lobe by the end of it .It will be a raw invigorating hour and bit and it will def clear out your weary weekend face so your vistas will expaaaaaaaand forever .Sarah Jane Hopkins otherwise known as.Dundalk queen of d.i.y.Baby Nits plays her own mesmerising half hour set to lift up the chicken wing energy heads. This year she has toured up and down the land with Jinx and performed at this year's Electric Picnic and is part of the upcoming Dublin Digital Radio Alternating Current 2022 event in Dublin .Sara is on the latest Jinx album ''Pet Rent" singing "Dundalk Walk " Hailing from west cork, These Are Atoms has been creating experimental music for many years. Their most recent album "bless you, thank you xx" was released in 2020, and displays a wide range of sounds from bouncy synth pop to angry folk music.

"For me the best songwriter in the country at the moment … And he doesn’t get airplay because he’s telling the truth. Why can’t people deal with that? Because it’s very raw, and he doesn’t sugar it up.” – Christy Moore on Jinx Lennon's music

"Look a little closer and you’ll find this positivity in all his tunes. Lennon has a passion for the people he’s singing about, and the people he’s singing to. Everything he does, from the unassuming honesty of his modest tunes to the comical simplicity of some of his lyrics, all work towards the realisation of this one message." - Golden Plec,Body and Soul Festival review

"Jinx is never afraid to sing in his own accent, or address the personal and political, and every shade of grey in between, while empowering the listener throughout the whole beautiful process." - Eamon Sweeney, Hot Press

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