Jinx Lennon

+ Special Guest TJ Murphy + Lorcan Lyons

Fri 27 Oct, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM | €15.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Jinx Lennon

Jinx Lennon sings in a raw north east border voice and takes to stage like he's on a pulpit delivering a punk sermon about keeping your head right from the onslaught of two legged energy vampires in the day to day whatever that may be. The songs he sings contain colourful characters forever trying to pull themselves out of the abyss . What's the music like .Take the testifying of James Brown, punk beats, soursweet Celtic tuned guitar .mantras about headwreckers with angelic faces, rants about keeping the face uplifted against what you're up against . Put it all into a jam jar and shatter it against the wall and that messy blob would look like a Jinx show except it's different every time and never the same twice. Whether he's coming from this year's Electric Picnic, a back room in the Kerry South west or the Spirit Store you can guarantee Jinx gives 100 percent every time .As the fans testify time and time again there's nothing like the Jinx Lennon show.
The latest show YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP, DON'T BE A SHEEP looks towards what it means in standing up in face of adversity. There's rawness a bit of thought, self-doubt and bravery all jostling to the front of the music. The aim as always to uplift heads and put on a bloody great show on the night

Special guests include local upcoming singer TJ MURPHY who describes his music ''if you're looking for a bit of crack, a few pints, or getting lamped you're probably going to see TJ Murphy. TJ does covers, and original music which he says he writes at silly o clock in the morning.

LORCAN LYONS is from Thurles Tipperary. A quiet self-effacing singer in person his songs evoke the grandeur of John Martyn but transferred to the plains of Tipp accent wise .He is best experienced live but his latest album ''Gadderings '' is a good place to start .


Jinx is never afraid to sing in his own accent, or address the personal and political, and every shade of grey in between, while empowering the listener throughout the whole beautiful process. IRISH TIMES

''A beacon to the D.I.Y. scene in Ireland''-Totally Dublin

Dundalk punk poet’s gift is pulling us into small moments, the kind that stitch a life together-Siobhan Kane, Irish Times

Jinx Lennon -Pet Rent review
The stick -to-it-live Lennon's best album in years is also his most musical ever, which has zip to do with tunes or solos. It's about making a racket Just about every one of these 25 songs or rants sounds different as Lennon rants more than sings his tales, lessons, complaints, and expostulations. Topics include ice cream, comfort zones, street life, racism, automobile fetishism, sexual objectification in general, spousal abuse, lost mojo, the limits of luck, the limits of New Zealand, feeling stupid inside, standing up for something, self-knowledge, shit happening, and the uses of serotonin.
-Robert Christgau, Consumer Guide

"Lennon's wry humour means there's enough levity to avoid pontification. A record as raw and real as its creator"
- SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE MAGAZINE (review of 'border schizo fffolk songs for the fuc**d')

It’s a rare thing to have a musician claim their music has the power to stop a murder but then, Jinx Lennon is a rare and renegade star in the musical firmament.

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