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Paul Spring

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Tue 18 Apr, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM | €0.00 + Booking Fee



Paul Spring

“Thunderhead” is Medieval, Electronic, and Celtic with a hint of goth. Paul Spring self-produced and played every instrument on this album, from Irish Flute to 808s and 1970s Arp Synthesizers. The vocals on top vacillate between falsetto choral arrangements and pitch shifted interjections. All the characters come together to dramatic effect, on an album which explores personal, communal, and generational anger.

You have probably never heard of Paul Spring. Even though he has released a handful of solo albums, he has mostly stayed behind the scenes as an assistant studio engineer, co-writer, and session guitarist. Mary Lattimore, Blackthought, Sasami, and Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes are some of the more recognizable names he’s written with. He was also the lead singer of Holy Hive, a Brooklyn folk soul band with some national acclaim in Rolling Stone and NPR.

Throughout 2021, while working a day job as a political campaign manager in Bed Stuy, Paul recorded this album in his bedroom. Using all the recording and writing techniques honed in the studio, and adding in newly learned skills in drum programming and Irish flute. All combined for an album that promises to be interesting at the least, and emotionally moving at it its best.