The New Leaves

Backroom@SpiritStore - Free

Fri 19 Jul, 2024 | Doors 8:30PM | €0.00 + Booking Fee


The New Leaves

The New Leaves, like so many contemporary music projects, emerged from the post pandemic wilderness. The New Leaves consists of four childhood friends from County Down, Northern Ireland – who blend lush, three-part harmonies, nature inspired lyrics and modern folk aesthetics. The four members came together to breathe life into an expanding songbook written by Mc Kay, who attempts to capture the natural beauty, history, and mythology of home life beneath the Mourne Mountains and the beautiful town-lands that surround Carlingford Lough.
They have been recently signed to Scottish label Corn Crake Records, ran by former Bluebells frontman Ken Mc Kluskey. The label promotes folk music from Ireland and Scotland.
The bands debut single ‘Donahaguay Resevoir’ will be released March 29th.
The bands debut album ‘A Sketch of Home’, is set for release June 2024.

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